at the "alten Pakethalle" at the old goods station Coburg

Postcard Exhibition beyond forgetting 1938/2018 - Berlin


Presentation of the design results from the subject perception theory of the courses Industrial Design and Communication Design / 2nd Semester HTW - University of Applied Sciences Berlin.





Video Installation - displaced/displayed: re-enacting dances of migration


Artistic Direction : Thomas Kampe

Editorial Direction: Manuela Jara

Choreographic Research: Carol Brown

Sound: Russell Scoones

Video Artist: Meek Zuiderwyk

Video Assistant: Freddie Errazo


The New Zealand Dance Company: Carl Tolentino, Lucy Lynch, Chris Ofanoa, Katie Rudd


Displaced/displayed re-activates the legacy of Jewish Viennese choreographer Gertrud Bodenwieser (Vienna 1890 – Sydney 1959) and her dancers within a context of global transmission of dance knowledge through crisis, diaspora and exile. This installation coincides with the 80th anniversary of Bodenwieser’s exile from Europe and celebrates the possibility of a nearly lost avant-garde to remain. The installation draws on video footage of choreographic work developed through the re-enacting of archival material of ex-Bodenwieser dancers Shona Dunlop-McTavish, Hillary Napier and Hilde Holger.



Exhibitions - Results of the project group "beyond forgetting 1938 | 2018" - University Coburg conceptual design studies / performance

at the "alten Pakethalle" at the old goods station Coburg

Presentation of the results of the student project group „beyond forgetting 1938/2018” of the course Integrated Product Design / 6th semester / University of Applied Sciences Coburg.

"questionable?" is the title of the work of the students Felix Leupold, Michael Beha and Andreas Gradl, who dealt intensively with everyday language and language in media.


Taking a closer look at the current news, inevitably one is getting confronted with a flood of topics from the field of terror, displacement and violence. The inflationary, mantra-like use of particular connoted words creates a feeling of helplessness.


The usage of strong metaphors, for example “Refugeeflood” places the beholder in a position where it is very hard to preserve positive feelings. Also by words with the ending –ling: “Hundling” (devious person), “Schwächling” (very weak person), “Feigling” (coward), “Däumling” (very tiny and weak person), “Dümmling” (stupid person), “Flüchtling” (refugee)…


How conscious are we using our words? To what extent do we affect others and how strong are we getting affected? A plea for more attention.


"Unorte" / “Nonplaces” - Art critical examination of the theme of flight and persecution - Street Performance - Coburg


Friday 06. July and 07.Juli, ca. 12:00 - 18:00

Ketschengasse 46

Rosengasse 19

Gymnasiumsgasse 7


Three product design students deal creatively and critically with the topics of persecution, exile and memory, projecting inner and outer “nonplaces” into Coburg's city center.


"Non-places. They stand for everything that is deliberately excluded by society, not perceived and denied because it is difficult to endure.

Human abysses, humanitarian crises, wars, political mistakes, the climate catastrophe.

The spaces on which we focus are such “nonplaces”. Because even if they are sealed off the normal world they do exist."


Report on the website of the university of applied sciences, Coburg

"REAL | MOMENTS" is the website of the two students Melanie Binder and Janine Ulrich, which covers the topics of home, fears and worries as well as wishes and hopes of many people on an emotional level. - Coburg


Each video episode shows several interviewees from our diverse society. Each person has been asked the same questions and the spontaneous answers are the core of the realization that all of us share similar needs. Everyone is afraid of something, or has a wish.


"More understanding and openness to others should be part of a modern Germany - not fear and hate."




City centre and main station Coburg

"The suitcase" - A Calf2Cow Production - Street Performance - UK


Friday 27. July, ca. 17:00 - 19:00 and

Saturday 28. July, ca 10:00 -18:00

City center and main station Coburg


A secret performance within the streets of Coburg.


Husband and Wife, weathered and beaten by a tiresome journey , with only a suitcase to their name, search for somewhere safe. Possessions fall from the case, causing a frantic panic. Pedestrians terrify them. They sit on a bench, their bag, or the floor for far too long. Allowing the city to make each image unique. They eat tiny bits of bread. They slowly climb the stairs.


"This is a performance that may go simply unnoticed. It may force a double take. It could sit in your mind all evening, and wonder, where are those suitcases going?  What was wrong with them? Why were they so sacred? I hope that’s never me. Or you may just take a simple picture and continue with your day."


Created and Performed by Matthew Emeny, Mabel Mckeown and Directed by Josh Whatsize.

This project has been supported and commissioned by the Coburg University, The Harbutt Fund & Bath Spa University Alumni Fund.


at the "alten Pakethalle" at the old goods station Coburg

"We are in it" - a film by Yehuda Sharim - USA (2016)


Friday 27. July, ca. 20:00


Yehuda Sharim’s documentary 'we are in it' features engrossing scenes from the everyday lives of five recent immigrants to Houston: Karla, Serges, Hussein, Nancy, and Tutu. For all of them, Houston is their common space of struggle, pleasure, and shelter. The city becomes a second, third or even fourth place of residence, both home and metropolis of hostility. Here, they are safe, restless, and part of a diaspora that struggles to find meaning beyond labels of foreigner, immigrant, undocumented, alien, and refugee.




"A Voice for Houston's Refugees" – Rice Magazine