Persecution / Exile / Memory

A trans-disciplinary symposium with international performing

academics, artists, designers and witnesses.

How do we approach historical and contemporary persecution and exile in 2018? – 80 years after the first wave of stately organised violence against the Jewish population in the whole of the German Reich, after the first escalation of persecution, forced displacement and exile of European Jews, the annexation of Sudetenland and Austria through Nazi-Germany and the organised persecution of political, social and cultural others.

How do we meet and critically come to terms with memory, commemoration and often hidden histories, through artistic, pedagogical and performative means?

How do we enable contemporary dialogues between cultures and question historical-soccial hierarchies and privilege, cultural exclusion, trauma and latent racism through artistic-compositonal means and through experimental problem-oriented processes?


Within the context of historical memory and current experience artists and designers of several universities and countries engage in dialogues

with affected witnesses, politicians, religious and cultural organisations on themes concerning persecution, exile and memory.


Through a discourse of different perspectives of individuals, groups and disciplines, and their diverse approaches towards beyond forgetting 1938/2018‚ new modes of questioning, thinking and of problem solving are stimulated and provoked. During beyond forgetting 1938/2018 artists, academics and students of various universities are inquiring new working modes, meeting challenges and are developing products outside of conventional structures.

Within a format of networked and trans-disciplinary workshops, presentations and exchanges, participants are seeking to develop practices that aim to stimulate social and political impulses and a questioning of existing world-views within a context an increasing neo-totalitarian political trend and contemporary migration and exile.

The results of the project will be presented through a symposium with performative presentations, academic talks and the exhibition of artifacts.