Dr. Miriam Yahil-Wax

Dr. Miriam Yahil-Wax is a writer, translator and dramaturg. Her book The Missing Chapter (Carmel Publishing 2016), will be published in Romanian by CORINT Group. Her Nordau to Nasdaq (Amazon, 2012), was translated into six languages; The First Stone, a play, won the Teatronetto Award (1994) and is published in The Mercurian 2018. The Shit Path, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was a finalist in the Mobil Playwriting Award (1989). A published writer, critic, and the award winning translator of some 50 plays and novels (Dickens, Stoppard, Lessing, Le Carre), she was dramaturg of Gesher Theatre, Habima, the Khan, and collaborated with J. Sobol, Leander Haussmann and Joe Chaikin.


Dr. Yahil-Wax who holds a Stanford Univ. Ph.D. was on the academic staff at Stanford, UCSC, Haifa University, Tel Aviv University.












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